At Triad Dental Studio, we have three classifications of Products:

Studio Series: Restorations in this category are two consecutive units or less with the exception of tooth numbers 6-11. These patient specific dental devices are among the most highly requested basic products we provide.

Select Series: Restorations in this category consist of anterior single units, tooth numbers 6-11, and any three or more consecutive units. These patient specific dental devices require advanced technical expertise and competence.

Signature Series: The Signature Series requires the highest level of competence, visualization and technical expertise. In this category, the restorations are the most demanding and time consuming. These consist of esthetic, implant, and custom shade dental appliances. When excellence and technical consideration are premium, Signature Series is your solution.

Current Units in Progress
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All Restorations are made in the USA.

Triad Dental Studio offers an extensive line of fixed & removable prosthetic devices.

All Ceramic